3 Places You Should Go In Las Vegas Nevada

The popularity of Las Vegas has grown over the years. However, it has always been a popular place to travel to. Before the advent of Indian casinos, it was one of the few places in the United States that you could go to legally gamble. However, they had to change things significantly to compete against these new legal casinos, and they have done quite well. Investors from all over the world have contributed to what you will find when you go to Las Vegas, creating an amusement park of a city that so many people visit annually. Here are three of the top places that you need to visit in Las Vegas when you finally get to Nevada.


This is a casino that has a replica of the Eiffel tower outside. Although it is very beautiful to see during the day, it is astounding at night. It is something you cannot miss as you are walking down the Las Vegas strip, and you will probably want to stare at it for quite some time. However, there is another attraction which is even more interesting at the other end of the strip called the Luxor.

The Luxor

Although this is not the tallest casino by any means, it is the unique. It is literally in the shape of a pyramid, and it is named after an ancient Egyptian city which, oddly, doesn’t have any pyramids. It is black, and when you go inside you can see all of the rooms up high. The main casino is not only downstairs on the main floor, but you can go beneath and watch magic shows that have been there for quite some time.

The Bellagio

This has a beautiful interior, just as good as the other casinos including Mandalay Bay, but it has something unique that many people come to see. It is the water and light show that is outside, seemingly played every hour, attracting hundreds, if not thousands, of people. They simply stand outside, watching for the water show to begin. It will play for several minutes. It is astounding that modern technology has made it possible to time music with lights and water.

These are just three of the many places that you can go on the Las Vegas strip. By simply walking along the strip, you really can’t miss these beautiful locations. They are awe-inspiring, and may even motivate you to stay for a few more days and this beautiful city in Nevada.